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Protem OCM machine for orbital cutting

Publications presse 08/10/2018

PROTEM's newest orbital cutting and bevelling machining innovation, the OCM, offers wide-ranging flexibility for pipeline construction, maintenance and repairs by combining the 00 ranges of several different machines into one. The OCM reduces equipment costs associated with transporting multiple machines for multiple pipe OOs and wall thicknesses. Robust and reliable, Protem's OCM portable machining unit is designed for cutting and bevelling tubes from 6" 00 (0168.3mm) up to 52" 00 (0 1,300mm) and for wall thicknesses up to 2" (50.8mm) utilising an adjustable chain system. Welders understand that a better eut leads to better fitting, and quality preparation reduces weld lime, consumable costs and future need for repairs. Protem's OCM achieves the same high quality weld preparation as ail Protem machines and this increases productivity on-site, in the workshop and in challenging environments.The OCM was designed for ease of use, and ils independent cutting and bevelling blades are entirely adjustable to perform bevels without changing accessories. The OCM machine can complement any welding operation of tubular components. Oesigned to be portable with 00 clamping, the OCM performs cold cutting and I and V bevels from 0 to 90°. The OCM is designed for ail types of material including carbon steel, chromium, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, copper-nickel alloys, lnconel, P91, aluminium and virtually ail exotic alloys. The OCM is available with hydraulic or pneumatic motorisation. Protem is a leading company in the design, manufacture and implementation of portable machining, cutting and welding preparation equipment. The company has achieved this status thanks to its commitment to addressing and solving industry needs and has been providing its customers with machinery innovation and performance for more !han 40 years. Protem - France Email: contact@protem.fr Website: www.protem.fr